The Power of Collaboration Ideas

As your business grows, the right business partner can be one of your business’s most valuable assets. At, our mission is for your business to find the perfect partner to help your business achieve its strategic goals. We’ve included some tips below for writing great collaboration ideas and outlining your vision for the future.

What’s a collaboration idea?

A collaboration idea is a project or opportunity that brings partners together to achieve a common goal.  Let’s look at an example. Michelle, a commercial real estate developer in Chicago is working on a new commercial office building on the north side of the city. This is Michelle’s first project in Chicago and to complete the project, Michelle will need to find new strategic partners. Michelle will need a real estate agent to help sell the building, she’ll need an architect to design the building, a construction company to build it, a mortgage company to finance the sales, and a real estate attorney. To find the right partners, Michelle created a collaboration idea on

What makes a good collaboration idea?

When businesses collaborate, each partner brings something unique to the table. Whether it’s expertise, assets, or networks, partners can achieve much more together. Learning from Aristotle, at, we understand that the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts and it’s our job to help your business capture that concept in your collaboration idea.

Let’s take Michelle for example. By partnering with real estate professionals, an architecture firm, a construction company, and an attorney, Michelle is able to pursue larger projects that she might not have considered otherwise. She can also complete projects quickly without soliciting contractors for different aspects of her project. Michelle’s partners will benefit from new business, increased revenues, and a reduction in client acquisition costs. Michelle’s partners may also pursue larger projects in the future because of their new strategic partner.

How to propose a new collaboration idea?

Watch the video tutorial below or check out the steps below.

1.)   Click Create from the navigation bar at the top of the page.


2.)   Select New Collaboration Idea from the drop down.

3.) You’ll see this form.


4.) Give the project an appealing and descriptive name. Select the collaboration type and include as many details about your project as possible.

5.)  This section is essentially a pitch for your business and your project. In this section, you should include what makes the project appealing under the How it benefits both of our businesses. Explain why your business is ideal for collaborating on this project under What I bring to the table.

6.) This section is about your ideal partner. Be descriptive when listing the type of business or businesses that you’re looking for in a partner. In the What Partners Bring to the table, include the type of skills, experience, certifications, licenses, and expertise that you’d like your ideal partner to have. Finally, select the industry type or types that your ideal partner or partners belong to.

By creating and participating in Collaboration Ideas, you can help your business unlock new sources of revenue and build long-lasting relationships with strategic partners that can help take your business to the next level.  At Collaborate.Biz, we are all about that.

Josh Nezianya is a Freelance Developer and Digital Marketer, with experience in WordPress, Email Marketing, and Google Analytics.  You can contact him at