Ideal Partner Profile : Where Referrals And Collaborations Come From

It’s no secret that Collaborate.Biz takes inspiration from dating websites to help you network. Much like in a dating website, where users can specify the physical and personality traits of their desired partners, we use the information in the Ideal Partner Profile to match you with potential partners.

But what do we mean partners, and how are they different from customers? In the Collaborate.Biz parlance, a partner is another business that can become either a source of referrals for your business, or a business you can collaborate with on projects or initiatives. Although your customers can be an important source of referrals, we generally think of partners as other non-competing businesses who either share similar customers as you or offer complementary services. They are the types of businesses that you want to “team up with” to achieve your goals.

To update the information on your Ideal Partner Profile, click the ‘+Edit Partner Profile’ link, at the bottom of the page, as shown below.

Below is some guidance on how to fill your Ideal Partner Profile.

Field Comments Example
Description Provide a brief description of the types of businesses that could be good sources of referral for your business or with whom your business can collaborate. Coaches, Project Managers, and Business Analysts who do business with corporate or government clients.
Industries Your partners can be in your same industry, but many times, partners can also be found in adjacent or related industries. This field allows multiple selections. Consulting – Financial Services – Government – Human Resources – Manufacturing – Technology – Other
Geographic Preferences If your business has no geographic constraints, then check ‘Seeking Partners Nationally’ (default) and you can ignore all other geography related fields.   Otherwise, specify the general location where your partners should be located (city, state, zip code, and maximum distance). ‘Seeking Partners Nationally’
Certifications Check these optional fields if you are looking for partners who can help you meet diversity goals.   When these fields are marked, potential partners with these certifications will be ranked higher in your dashboard feed, but this will not prevent you from meeting other potential partners who do not have these certifications. Minority Owned Business, Woman Owned Business

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