Cut the Cold Calls: 5 Ways You Get Warmer Leads

Hustle the right way.

Raise your hand if you enjoy making cold calls! I don’t know about you, but I have yet to meet a person who actually enjoys calling strangers out of the blue to sell them products that they may or may not want. Sure … it must feel like a rush when someone actually takes your call and makes a purchase, but more often than not, cold calls feel like an exercise in accepting rejection. Receiving cold calls is no fun either – more often than not, they feel like a waste of time for both parties. No wonder cold calls have a paltry 1-3% success rate.

Instead of relying so heavily on cold calls, consider cultivating warmer leads – people who are already familiar with your product or service and have a greater disposition to buy from you. Below are some ways to achieve this:

  1. Create a Referral Incentive Program for your Business – Prospects are more likely to buy your products when your products are recommended by people who they trust. That is why it is so important to cultivate and reward trusted referral partners for your business. These referral sources could be your customers, but also your strategic partners and collaborators. A good referral program not only incentivizes successful referrals, but also delineates the roles, responsibilities and expectations for all parties. It also provides your referral partners with the knowledge and tools they need to help them help you. But what if you don’t currently have a large network of referrals partners? You can find referral partners and promote your company’s referral incentive program through services like Collaborate.Biz, a matchmaking platform for businesses that are looking for strategic partners and referral sources. Click here to learn more!
  2. Become a Thought Leader in Your Field – I believe that education can be a powerful selling tool and it is under-utilized by most businesses. When you educate prospective customers, you not only gain credibility in their eyes, but you also get to shape how they think. In the long run, an educated customer is the best type of customer. These types of customers understand why they need your product and why they should pay more for what you offer. And if the information is compelling enough, they will share your educational materials with others, helping you promote your brand. So what are some tactics you can use to promote yourself as a thought leader? How about inviting current and prospective customers to a live training or webinar? Why not write a few blog articles on topics that interest your target customers and generate demand for your services? As with most things, you can start small and build from your momentum.
  3. Develop a Strong Online Presence – In this day and age, this is a basic expectation for your business. It not only means having a website, but also paying attention to your SEO and your Social Media. You should be easily found, and ideally reviewed by your customers. There is a plethora of options to get started on this.
  4. Give Back to Your Community – Find out what organizations are important to your customers and make sure that you support them. Community organizations give you yet another way to engage with potential customers and to show that you share their values. It will also make them more likely to think about you when they need your services.
  5. Collaborate with Complementary Businesses – Aside from your customers, your collaboration partners can be one of the most important sources of referrals and repeat business. They can also pull you into projects that fit your capabilities, helping you establish profitable new customer relationships that would otherwise take years to develop. That is why you should make it a priority to build new collaboration partnerships in a systematic way. Services like Collaborate.Biz help you find the right collaboration partners to help you grow your business.  Click here to join for Free!

Although some cold calls are inevitable, you can proactively take steps to build your sales pipeline through warmer leads. What are some other ways in which you can build your sales pipeline without cold calling? Tell us what has worked for you.

Ramon Rodriguez is the Founder/CEO of Collaborate.Biz, a B2B matchmaking platform that helps businesses unlock revenue through strategic partnerships.  It’s “ meets LinkedIn,” but instead of helping people date, it helps businesses collaborate.  Join for FREE at