How to Grow Your Business In 2018 Using Referrals

You don’t need to be rich to build your business.

Not all businesses need millions of dollars to gain momentum. Many of the largest corporations and Fortune 50 companies grew simply by building a successful referral network.  Whether you are starting a business or expanding, there are hundreds of questions that need answering. How much money does it take to start a business? How do I attract more customers? How do I get leads?

Everyone wants more visitors, more qualified leads and more revenue. To answer your question before we proceed; no, you don’t need millions of dollars to build your business. What you need is a strong customer and partner base. So, how do get more customers and partners to like your business? Create a referral network.

Referral networking is one of the best strategies to attract customers and create future partnerships at minimal cost. If you don’t know where to start, break it down. We have networked ever since the first day of Kindergarten. What did that cost you? Nothing. Perhaps, some of those kindergarten friends grew up to be entrepreneurs and business associates just like yourself?  Diving a little deeper into discussion. Perhaps, one of those friends referred you recently to another business that may benefit yours or help you down the road. Maybe they helped bring in new revenue by being a top customer to your business and using your product and/or services. Referral networking is a powerful resource.

Evernote, the note-taking software launched a referral program that awards points to customers every time they make a referral. To date, the service now has over 100 million users, 13 million of which were referred by other users. That is the power of referrals. The cost of implementation was priceless. It boosted their business exponentially and substantially. The best part, you can do it to!

This is your year. Build your referral network and grow your business in 2018!