Meet a Member – Tony Mendiola from Human Citizen®

At Collaborate.Biz, we are on a mission to build a collaborative community of business owners, where we help each other unlock new opportunities to grow and succeed. Every other week, we will be featuring a different member, where we get to know a little bit about their business, what projects they are working on, and what they are looking for in potential partners! For our first article, we sat down with Tony Mendiola from, Human Citizen®:

human-citizen logoTony Mendiola

Ramon: Hi Tony! How are you?

Tony: I am doing very well, thank you!

Ramon: So tell me, what is Human Citizen all about, and what do you do?

Tony: Human Citizen is a Consulting company that focuses on leadership development at all levels. We help institutions uncover and activate their untapped individual, team and organizational leadership through an analytical, yet human lens.

Ramon: What are some the services you offer?

Tony: At Human Citizen, we offer our clients leadership development training; seminar and small group facilitation; coaching and mentoring; program, proposal and project kickoffs; and process/systems analysis. We take a leader-first approach that is rooted in 20+ years of expertise, offering our clients opportunities to experience a number of research-based assessments, including Talent View of Performance, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Strengths Finder and Korn Ferry Voices Multi-rater, Leadership Architect 101 and Foundations of Competencies.

Ramon: So what is your philosophy when it comes to leadership development?

Tony: Our slogan reads: “Leadership isn’t an epiphany. It’s a practice.” That has two important implications: 1) leadership isn’t something that happens over night, but rather something that requires discipline, patience and work, and 2) leadership isn’t limited to just a select few, but something we can all aspire to achieve, provided we are willing to work hard at it.

Ramon: How would you describe your typical customer?

Tony: Our customers are leaders of teams at Fortune 500 companies. They typically start at the Senior Manager or Director levels, but go all the way to the CEO. Customers also are individuals at all levels who seek assistance and guidance as they transition to a new job or role, return to school, or change careers.

Ramon: What goals are your customers trying to achieve when they come to you?

Tony: They want to assess and improve their leadership capability and performance, so that they can accelerate their careers, achieve higher performance on the job or attain greater effectiveness and efficiency in their current situation.

Ramon: Do your customers ever come to you with problems?

Tony: Absolutely! Some of the typical problems I’ve seen are:
-Being passed over for promotions
-Wanting to change their current role, but not knowing how to get there
-Needing to retool their skill set ahead of an upcoming reorganization
-Lacking awareness of their own strengths and areas for development

Ramon: What are your customers looking for in a consulting business like yours?

Tony: I have some very analytical and very discerning clients. They are looking for scientific rigor and data to support any advice. They also value certifications and/or badges that demonstrate technical mastery.

At the same time, they have very high expectations when it comes to service. They expect responsiveness, clarity of deliverables, frequent communication, and the right balance of structure and flexibility as projects progress.

Ramon: What types of businesses do you typically partner with?

Tony: I typically partner with businesses whose capabilities complement my own. The specific roles will depend on the project, but I often work with organization development or effectiveness consultants, project managers, and human resource professionals, as well as operations managers and professional trainers.

Ramon: What else do you look for in a potential business partner, and do you work with established businesses only?

Tony: I look for partners that are boardroom-ready and share Human Citizen’s commitment to service. I am willing to partner with newly formed businesses as long as they operate with professionalism and can quickly demonstrate expertise. If they are hungry, smart, and willing to work hard, chances are we’ll get along fine.

Ramon: Do you currently have any projects in mind for which you need collaboration partners?

Tony: Large Scale Facilitation events are good projects for collaboration. If I am running a corporate training with over 100 people in attendance, it helps to have other presenters beside me, not to mention getting some help when it comes to logistics, audio / visual production, and other important details.

Ramon: Any last words of wisdom?

Tony: Anything is possible when you are able to live your life as your best self. And because we believe each one of us is born a natural leader, our best self can be uncovered and activated effortlessly at any moment in our lifetime by our openness to becoming more self-aware, embracing strengths and gaps, and practicing new behaviors and skills.

You can contact Tony and Human Citizen at:

4101 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60660