Meet a Member – Martin Kimpston from Strictly Muscles

We are PUMPED UP at Collaborate.Biz! Nothing gets our body moving and our blood flowing like meeting dynamic members who are passionate about their business. This week, we are featuring Martin Kimpston from Strictly Mucles, who gave us a sneak peek into his business, projects he is working on, and the types of partners he is looking for:

Ramon: Hi Martin! Thanks for having me in your gym. How are you?

Martin: I am well! Thanks for visiting me.

Ramon: This is a pretty cool facility. It sure makes me want to pump some iron!

Martin: It’s funny that you mention that. We hear that a lot from many of our clients. We try to create an environment where people feel energized and ready to perform at their peak.

Ramon: So tell me a bit more about Strictly Muscles. What’s it all about?

Martin: Well, as the name suggests, we are a health and wellness clinic that specializes in caring for and improving muscular function.   Strictly Muscles uses an Integrated Approach of exercise and Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) to assess, correct, improve, and maintain the muscular system in order to prevent or recover from joint breakdown or dysfunction.

Ramon: And how is your service different from those offered by a Physical Therapist or Chiropractor?

Martin: I am glad you asked that question. I often use a “race car” analogy to help people understand what MAT is all about. Physical Therapists and Chiropractors would be like the mechanics that fix your car after an accident – they will fix the big problems, and get your car working at 80% of its potential. In fact, I often work with Physical Therapists and Chiropractors to provide the most comprehensive recovery for their patients and get them back to their peak performance.

We MAT Specialists are like the pit crew during the race – fine tuning all the gears in the engine to make sure the car is running at 100%.  We continually pursue a deep understanding of how to manipulate forces on the body to help improve its muscular status and protect joints.

Ramon: That’s a great analogy! So what makes Strictly Muscles unique?

Martin: We are the only MAT clinic in Chicago that offers a detailed assessment and education process, and we pride ourselves in our superior Customer Service. Our slogan is “Where your muscles matter,” and that philosophy informs everything we do. In my particular case, I am MAT certified and have completed my Resistance Training Specialist Mastery certification. This is highly intensive education process that focuses on an in depth analysis of the entire body and applying a physics based approach to working with the body. This has made me a better practitioner for MAT and training.

Ramon: Very cool! So how would you describe your typical client?

Martin: I work with a lot mature clients – 40 to 60 year old men and women suffering from chronic joint disfunction, which means they feel their muscles don’t work the way that they should. They want to be more active and exercise without pain or fear of getting hurt. They also want to keep up with friends and family, including their kids and grand kids.

Ramon: What are some common problems that your clients struggle with?

Martin: When clients come to Strictly Muscles, it’s because they are:

  • Frustrated with joint pains that limit daily life
  • Tired of neck and shoulder pain from sitting at a desk all day
  • Overwhelmed by stress worried about their body breaking down
  • Concerned about aging and want to be proactive rather than reactive
  • Confused about how to start exercising without injury after being sedentary
  • Afraid that insurance-allotted physical therapy, even following surgery, isn’t enough to prepare the body to resume exercise
  • Discouraged that a nagging injury is hindering physical performance

Ramon: What makes your customers choose Strictly Muscles?

Martin: Our customers want a long-term solution to their problems, and not just a quick fix. They are proactive about their wellbeing, and do not just want to just force their bodies to endure pain for the sake of exercise.

They are also looking for individualized solutions, as opposed to cookie cutter plans. They expect us to understand their unique situation – to find, respect and address their body’s specific circumstances.

Ramon: What types of businesses do you like to partner with?

Martin: I’ve had great success partnering with other Health and Wellness professionals, such as Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches and Acupuncturists. I have also worked with Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists

Ramon: What else do you look for in a potential partner?

Martin: Having a similar philosophy around individualized, superior customer service is key. When we recommend or collaborate with a partner, we want our clients to feel that they’ve been taken care of, as their experience with our partners influences their opinion of us.

Ramon: Do you currently have any collaboration ideas in mind, for which you could use the help of some partners?

Martin: Because ultimately, my clients are looking for a complete solution, I would LOVE to offer a package of health and wellness services that are geared towards clients who want to live, work, and play at their best. It should be a holistic solution that addresses needs related to muscle health, but takes a multi-faceted approach. I would love to partner with other Holistic Medicine professionals to put this package together.

Ramon: So as you’ve probably noticed, the weather is starting to turn here in Chicago. Any advice for those of us, “weekend warriors,” on how to get back into shape?

Martin: This is a very exciting time of the year, and we definitely want to encourage people to get out, get active, and get moving. Just remember to pace yourselves at the beginning – just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Exercise should NOT hurt. At the same time, you don’t need to settle for anything less than optimal performance. Find people who can keep you moving, keep you safe, and keep you energized.

Ramon: Sounds like a plan. Let’s pump some iron!

Martin: You bet!

Martin and the Strictly Muscles team can be contacted at:

314 West Superior St, LL-E
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 526-3471