Collaboration Ideas: HOW Your Business Can Collaborate And Grow

Collaboration Ideas are initiatives or projects in which your business can benefit from partnering with others. By proposing collaboration ideas, you help potential partners understand not only what you can do for them, but just as importantly, what your business can do for them.

So what makes for a good collaboration idea? Good collaboration ideas:

  • “Expand the pie,” helping all partners benefit by achieving things they couldn’t do on their own
  • Clarify each partner’s roles and responsibilities
  • Play to each partner’s strengths

We highly encourage all members to propose collaboration ideas. There is no limit to how many collaboration ideas your business can propose, and best of all, they can lead to meaningful, long-term partnerships.

To propose a collaboration idea, click the ‘+Create a Collaboration Idea’ link, at the bottom of the page, as shown below.

Below is some guidance on how to fill the form to propose a collaboration idea:

Field Comments Example
Title: This is a required field. Pick a name that helps other members remember what you are proposing. M&A Package
Description: Provide a brief description of the initiative that may help potential collaborators visualize what you are proposing. Services package where we help companies going through mergers and acquisitions with both their operational and relationship strategy.
Type of Collaboration: This is a drop down field that helps frame the scope of the initiative. Collaboration Ideas can be as tactical and informal as a ‘one-off’ Event, or can be as long-term and formal as a Joint Venture. Project Proposal / Bid Team
How it benefits out businesses This is where you explain how this collaboration idea “expands the pie.” Will collaborating result in savings for your company? Will it bring new customers? Additional source of revenue
What I bring to the table Share how your business will contribute to make this collaboration successful Experience in M&A and how to package communications. Expertise in relationship strategy, presentation, persuasion and influence.
Types of Business A brief description of the types of businesses that you want to collaborate with for this initiative. Organization Development, Business Analysts, Project Managers, 8A Companies (Veteran, Minority, or Women-owned) who can bid on specific projects.
What Partners bring to the table Describe how partners can contribute to make this collaboration successful Analytical and operational skills.
Partners are in any of the following industries (choose all that apply) This is a multiple drop-down field for the industries where partners can come from. Consider adjacent industries that can help your business grow. Consulting – Human Resources – Other

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