DBE Certifications: Unlock Opportunities While Promoting Diversity

In many cases, government agencies and large corporations set aside projects for businesses that can help them achieve diversity goals. This provides an opportunity for small and disadvantaged businesses to compete effectively and win projects. It also provides an incentive for larger businesses to partner with smaller, disadvantaged businesses in order to access opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

When you certify your business as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) or a Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE), you are providing evidence to both customers and partners that your business is eligible to compete for these opportunities. The most common types of certifications recognized by government agencies and large corporations are:

  • Minority Owed Business
  • Woman Owned Business
  • Disadvantaged Owned Business
  • Veteran Business Enterprise
  • Small Business Enterprise

Your business may be eligible for one or more of the above certifications, so we recommend all our members to look into these opportunities. There are many organizations and government agencies that can help your business with this process, including the Small Business Administration, the Women’s Business Development Center, and the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, among many others.

To update your DBE Certification section in Collaborate.Biz, click on the ‘+Edit DBE/VBE Certifications’ link, as shown below. To Update or Remove your certification files, however, click on the respective ‘Update’ or ‘Remove’ buttons.

Below is some guidance on how to fill the DBE Certification section of your business profile:

Field Comments Example
Is Your Firm Certified As Any of The Following (Please Check All That Apply)? Check any of these optional fields ONLY if your business has obtained the official certification. When these fields are marked, it flags your business to potential partners who are looking for partners that meet these certifications. Minority Owned Business, Woman Owned Business, Small Business Enterprise
Is the company qualified by any agency to perform work as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) or Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE)? This Yes/No radio button tells prospective partners if your certification has been qualified by a specific government agency. Yes
If yes, Please list the agencies below. This helps prospective partners understand the agencies you can work with. Illionois Tollway, IDOT, CDOT (City Of Chicago), Metra, CTA Chicago Public Schools, and more
DBE/VBE Certification


Additional DBE/VBE Information

This where you upload your certification files, so prospective partners can see them. DBE CERT.pdf