Ideal Customer Profile: WHO Your Business Sells To

When you have a good understanding of your customers, and can clearly communicate who these customers are, you make it easier for your partners to give you qualified referrals. That is why at Collaborate.Biz, we ask you a series of questions that help you paint a vivid picture of your customers, their needs, and why they are a good fit for your business.

The more precise you can be about the types of customers you seek, the better we can match you to referral partners who can reach them. There is no limit to how many customer profiles you can create.

To add customer profile, click the ‘+Create Customer Profile’ link, at the bottom of the page, as shown below.

Below is some guidance on how to fill your Ideal Customer Profile.

Field Comments Example
Customer Profile Name: This is a required field. Pick a name that helps other members remember who you to sell to. Mid-Size Companies
How would you describe your target customers to a friend? Provide a brief description of the types of businesses or consumers that stand to benefit greatly from your goods or services. You could include demographic / firmographic information if you know it, or simply describe, in layman’s terms, who these customers are and how to recognize them, Senior management and leadership at mid-size companies (~100 MM in sales), with at least 25 professional employees.
What goals are yours customers trying to achieve? When you can explain what your customers are trying to achieve, you make it easier for potential partners to identify good referrals that would benefit from your services. They want to see tangible results around:

– cross-functional communication

– from stagnation to momentum

– effective presentations

– better collaboration

What problem(s) are your customers trying to solve? Problems are pain points that your customers experience and that your business can help relieve. When partners can sell your business to customers in pain, it makes referrals more likely to succeed. Lack of employee retention, lack of engagement (especially on day to day tasks).
Why do your customers choose your business? This is your chance to explain why you are a good fit for your customers, which partners can use to sell you to their contacts. – Always start with a discovery conversation, where issues bubble up

– Consequence and values

– Ability to build trust rapidly

– Vast experience in corporate, non-corporate, and non-profit

What are your customers expectations in terms of service? Do your customers expect white glove service? Do they expect a fast response time? Do they require a lot of education? Sometimes, how you interact with customers makes all the difference. – Adaptable should never mean vague. We offer a clear process on over deliver on expectations.

– Approachable, accessible, and adaptable.

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